G.A.F set

  Inspired by IAMDDB's music video G.A.F Hey i'm back (life) with a quick set saw iamddb's video got so inspired. shout out to Xmiramira she is in a competition called "Stream On"  on twitch where this week her team has to sell virtual fanny pax recommend you check that out. Here's what inside the: … Continue reading G.A.F set


More Nurse Recolors

  I added more recolors to the nurse's uniform since it works for the vet career, I wanted to add some animal themed recolors. Added 14 more swatches to the Female Uniform Tops and Added 10 more swatches to the Male Uniform Tops BONUS   Add 20 swatches to Male and Female Doctor Hats Download … Continue reading More Nurse Recolors

Alphabet Light Set

Here are some letter lights just regular English letters, may make Simlish letters later. When you change the color an intensity they're really cool. *disclaimer: the O and the Q look smaller then the other letters the actually are not* Alpha Light Set All LODs Base Game compatible found in lighting>wall and in lighting> outdoor … Continue reading Alphabet Light Set

Wool Blankets

I wanted blankets for teenage girls and young adults that were girly and also not too girly. I recolored and added a wool texture to Santorini - bed blanket by Severinka to make really vibrant and bright blankets. Close up of texture^ Comes in 21 swatches Can be found under Comfort>Bed and Deco>Misc **MESH HERE IS NEEDED** … Continue reading Wool Blankets

Jumbo Twist Out

I re-textured the twist out hair from Parenthood to make it look more realistic. And, I really liked the way it looked. So, then I decide to convert the hair for toddlers and children. Toddlers works great,  I made the little girls hair a little bigger and longer because I liked the way it looked … Continue reading Jumbo Twist Out

Dashiki Dress

This is my very first custom content for the Sims 4!!! The mesh was made by me and I added four Dashiki textures. I also included two African inspired formal-wear print. Dress is base game compatible Available in Everyday, Formal, Sleep, Athletic, and Party Available for Teens-Elder. GO HERE TO DOWNLOAD ENJOY!!!!